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What Makes Us Different

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• For new clients, the first hour is on us, for you to get to know us. JFM offers that first hour free (2-hour booking required.) We want you to feel comfortable with us and for you to reach out with questions when the questions arise.

• For our ongoing clientele (if you give us two or more paid hours a month), we offer free phone calls. Call us to ask questions when you need, free for the first five minutes (We reserve the right to bill at our discretion. Time spent with you, is time away from another client, at some point we will need to charge). Most questions can be answered quickly, ie. You can't remember how to do something in Microsoft Word, or there is a quirk getting in your way. Call us; we want you to. Calling with questions will significantly reduce your hourly rate, think of us as your help-desk. The more you lean on us, the greater the benefit to you. 

• We also offer a matched hour referral discount. We have found that happy clients are our best advertising, and we are delighted to give a matched hours discount, ie. We receive 5 hours in paying referral time from someone you were kind enough to have referred. Then your next 5 hours will be at half your rate (for as many hours as are referral booked within the first year) as our gift to you, for that new client referral. That can add up to tremendous savings over time. Everybody wins. 

• We offer monthly retainer billing if you desire.     

The difference for us has always been about building long term relationships that benefit all parties.

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Our Approach

Communication is paramount in either determining the root cause of a problem or instructing in the use of your technology. Listening to your description of issues is a mandatory part of troubleshooting and more times then not, requires a give and take between us to drill down to the possible causes.

My experience of being both left and right-brained gives an  advantage of understanding, allowing for our communication through a creative or business language as the case may be. I strive to communicate in a way that works for you; your particular needs, whether you are seven or ninety-seven communication is paramount.

As a creative myself, with a background in the arts, design, acting, voiceover, music, and am a published author as well, 

I bring a unique perspective into IT usage and function, with  technology as a tool, a paintbrush, an instrument, a means of allowing your creativity to run wild, and can communicate in a language that can be understood by tech-savvy individuals as well as those who are more creatively inclined.

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Hello, I am Jay Farber, founder of JFM Consulting, with over three decades of technology experience, in all aspects of computer usage and support, bringing a "Service" mindset to demanding clientele. 

Particularly devices made by Apple Computers, including iMac, MacPro, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Book Air, Mac Mini, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV, Apple Watches, and even the obsolete Apple Printers and other legacy systems. 

My focus has been on Apple products, but I see computers as tools. The right tool for the right task. Which means if you have a PC or Windows based product on hand that needs addressing, I have experience with and can take care of those issues as well, having supported many clientele, including educational facilities that, by necessity, have both platforms onsite. 

JFM Consulting is an information technology consulting and support firm for individuals, families, and small to mid-sized businesses with experience in a broad cross-section of environments.

JFM Consulting is an Information technology consulting and support firm for individuals, small to mid-sized business. We specialize in providing on-site and on demand IT Support and technology consulting services: including Apple and PC hardware and software support, storage and server solutions, home and business management, network and system administration, data backup and recovery, server setup and maintenance for all your Apple Products including Mac Computers, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TV, Apple Watches and Home Services. All things that should contribute to your lives and well being, when they don't, is the time when you want a consultant to step in, freeing up your time and alleviating your stress over fixing the issues that arise.

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We always put the needs of our clients first and seek a cost effective solution that will leave them satisfied. JFM understands how important your Apple Device is and that it needs to be functioning properly. iPhones are not only key sources of communication through texting and calls but are necessary in documenting precious and spontaneous moments in our lives. iMacs and iPads are key in learning, running a business, and storing recorded, photographed, or filmed memories. JFM understands your needs as a client and strives to protect you and your technology through best practices of hardware, software maintenance, repair and backup.

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