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JFM Consulting is proud of its long-standing abilities in software and hardware troubleshooting. Additionally, we maintain a strong background in Video and Audio Editing, Production, Education, and Office Management. Our consultants have a diverse understanding and usage of most popular commercial software.


ade  Video Production

adf  Audio Production

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WelcomeJFM Consulting Services

JFM Consulting is not by choice or definition a hardware and software sales organization. Our first order of business is to help you with usage and maintenance of your existing equipment. We do, however, support our clientele by offering equipment and software sales as a courtesy to our clients.

adsf Apple Product Services:

Apple may hold a lesser market share, but like any quailty tool, Apple has its place in the computing world. We have intimate knowledge and usage of Apple products from desktops and portables through xServe servers.

adsf Wintel Product Services:

The backbone of the corporate world is the Windows platform. Microsoft software and Intel products necessitate a cross-platform integration of the computing enviornment... JFM Consulting can handle these circumstances as well.

asdfsaEnterprise Computing:

The basic needs of any corporation include its ability to disseminate and store information. From the basic installation of workstations to the routers and switches that transfer your data, we can help with your computing needs.