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JFM Consulting is proud of its long-standing abilities in software and hardware troubleshooting. Additionally, we maintain a strong background in Video and Audio Editing, Production, Education, and Office Management. Our consultants have a diverse understanding and usage of most popular commercial software.


ade  Video Production

adf  Audio Production

adsfa  Graphic Studios

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It is our goal to make life easier and more productive for our clientele. We are a full service company residing in the Los Angeles area since 1993. Please inquire... We can help.

ER  Computer and Network Issues

aeerr  Software and Hardware Problems

asde  Individual and Business Solutions

We are experts in taking care of your computer needs.
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11 Solutions for Individuals

JFM Consulting maintains a broad stable of private clientele. From individuals in need of help, to families building shared computer environments, we handle it all.


11 Solutions for Business

A growing list of Small Businesses, Corporations and Schools in the Los Angeles area already rely on our services. Let our experts at JFM help your small business or school function to its full potential.